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"I can honestly say, Rafa was THE BEST guide I have ever had on a tour. I would follow him anywhere. He snorkeled side-by-side with me twice to help me get comfortable in the water. I would not have swum with sea lions! I will be forever grateful."

- Joanne Jurmu

"I honestly thought that if I had to go home after my first full day, that our investment was worth the experience - that is how amazing my first day was, and each day after. Quasar does it right!! The people you hire, the care you take in preparing people for this trip-of-a-lifetime, the on-board experience and well thought-through itinerary. Even though your crew hosts passengers week after week, the crew made us feel like this was the best week the crew and passengers ever experienced! You have a fan for life!!"

- Heidi Gigler

"We did have the most fabulous staff. Every attention was made to detail and their accommodation for any request was met. We had a fun bunch, whom I am sure made our staff wonder a bit, but each and EVERY request (especially for more of the chef's outstanding ceviche) was honored and trumped X3!"

- Gail Top

"The Grace was like a moving 5-star hotel – accommodations were spacious & luxurious, the food was gourmet and always outstanding, and the quality of service couldn’t be better."

- Amy Imming

"Our cruise on board the Evolution was incredible. The crew was outstanding, the itinerary perfect, and the islands and wildlife breathtaking."

- Jennifer Biddle

"Naturalist Samuel Quiroz was A+. Animal adventures with Sammy. He made it personal and intimate and shared the "real" Galapagos with us."

Galapagos Beluga Yacht
Galapagos Beluga Yacht
Another Galapagos Cruise Aboard the Grace Yacht & Animal
Another Galapagos Cruise Aboard the Grace Yacht & Animal ...
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