Family Galapagos Vacations

Galapagos Vacations

Eco tourists flock to the Galapagos to enjoy the endless natural wonders of the archipelago and surrounding waters. Many have discovered vacation rentals as the ideal base from which to make excursions. Oceanfront villas provide ample space for family and group retreats, while smaller ecolodge condos are available for couples.

Natural adventures and activities

Just west of continental Ecuador, the group of volcanic islands that make up the Galapagos is inhabited by far more exotic species than humans. Sea lions loll on the beach, while mammoth sea tortoises lumber up the embankments to deposit their eggs. Flamingos and penguins, iguana and ground hogs overlook waters teeming with aquatic species, from whales and sharks to rays and dolphins.

Visit the Galapagos Marine Reserve to dive or snorkel, and imagine the thrill of snorkeling with a penguin or taking a swim with a sea lion in one the islands’ secluded bays. Arrange your island tours in Puerto Ayora, the major city on Santa Cruz Island.

Tours and dining options

You should do some careful advance research to choose a tour company and dive shop that best suits your needs. Engaging a naturalist guide may be the best way to enjoy the many experiences possible throughout the Galapagos – sea kayaking, visiting the Charles Darwin station, mountain biking and sport fishing.

Stop for a relaxing waterfront lunch at the Red Mangrove Aventura Restaurant and Sushi bar. The Isla Grill is another popular spot for salads, pizza, calamari and more, a good value with great service. If you’re ready to change the sushi-seafood diet, pay a visit to Ristorante Dolce Italia for a tasty wood-oven pizza or homemade fresh pasta.

Rental home benefit

Whether you choose an oceanfront villa or hillside apartment, your vacation home rental will be an excellent home base and source of comfort, with all of the amenities you need for relaxation. Enjoy tour planning over a home-cooked breakfast and end the day with a glass of wine on the terrace. And make your choice in confidence, after reading the candid guest reviews we include with rental information.

Longer Vacations @ Galapagos
Longer Vacations @ Galapagos
SM Galapagos Vacation Preview
SM Galapagos Vacation Preview
Galapagos Vacation 2013
Galapagos Vacation 2013
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