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Climbing Ecuador


Ecuador is an amazing place. Located on the equator between Columbia to the north and Peru to the south, it may be one of the smallest countries in South America, but its also one of the most diverse. From Pacific beaches to the west to glaciated volcanoes in the center to Amazon rainforests in the east, it's got a little bit of everything. It's small size makes it easy to get around in as well. And it's people and culture are worth the trip even if you don't go there to climb.

Ecuador is a volcano climber's dream. In fact, due to it's geography, volcanoes - or their eroded remains - are just about the only mountains you'll find. There are peaks for every level - from grass-covered walk-ups to massive glacier-clad giants like the country's highest, 20, 700 foot Chimborazo, and everything in between. Being volcanoes, by nature even the majority of the glaciated ones are moderate snow slogs - with an occasional bergschrund crossing or short headwall - doable by anyone with glacier and snow climbing experience. What sets this country's summits apart from their American counterparts like Hood and Rainier is elevation. Anyone looking to break into high altitude climbing couldn't find a better place than Ecuador.

The Andes of Ecuador run more or less north-south through the center of the country and the main highway, the Panamericana, runs right through the middle between volcanoes that stand out bold against the blue sky on a clear day. Although the mountains here are considered part of the Andes, think of them more like the volcanoes of Washington and Oregon in relation to our Rockies, rather than the craggy granite peaks of Peru's Cordillera Blanca or the torres of Patagonia.

When you get off the beaten path, away from the highway and the adjacent urban areas like Ambato and Latacunga, you enter a world of farms and lush green pastures, eucalyptus groves and llamas, and then finally the scattered stands of polyepsis and tall grasses of the paramo that let you know you're in the heart of the cool, thin-aired high country.

Mod. Snow South America : Ecuador : Cotopaxi

Rock Climbing Photo: Approaching the José Ribas Hut on Cotopaxi, Ecuad...This standard climb to the summit of a beautiful volcano deals with moderate snow, some mild glacier problems, a few crevasses, and the expected variability expected of such ascents. The last 500 feet is occasionally steep, but snow/ice conditions will have more effect on technical difficulties than anything else. It takes an average party roughly 8 hours for the round trip from the hut. [more] Browse More Classics in International

Ecuador is where I learned to climb last year. So in my opion, it is pretty fantastic.

I don't know enough about the areas I climbed in to make proper destination pages for each area, but if you are planning to climb in Ecuador, here is your best resource:

You might want to brush up on your Spanish, though :) I think the south, near Cuenca, has the best climbing (or so the locals say). I'm also pretty sure it is all sport climbing.

If you need some advice, the folks who work at Monodedo (a great store with lots of climbing stuff) are always super helpful and psyched about climbing. There are locations in Quito and Cuenca. OR you could head on down to one of the climbing walls in Quito or Cuenca, and get the beta from the local climbers who are always super animated and fun. The climbing wall in Cuenca is located at the El Coliseo on the west end of town and the wall in Quito is located at El Rocodromo (there is also a Monodedo store here).

Enjoy! It is a magical country...

From: Raleigh, NC
Stephanie's comment is right on. Cuenca has the best climbing in the country and a great climbing community. Brush up on your Spanish and stop by Monodedo or the climbing wall and get to know the locals. They will be happy to give you beta, and you might just find a partner if you're rolling solo.

Only one point to correct - while the focus is definitely on sport climbing, there is trad to be had, especially at Cojitambo.

Source: www.mountainproject.com
Climbing Bouldering Ecuador San Fernando Willy Collon.mp4
Climbing Bouldering Ecuador San Fernando Willy Collon.mp4
Climbing the Mandango, Vilcabamba, Ecuador.
Climbing the Mandango, Vilcabamba, Ecuador.
Climb the Cotopaxi Volcano with Gulliver Expeditions Ecuador
Climb the Cotopaxi Volcano with Gulliver Expeditions Ecuador
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