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For those of you that aren’t local readers, just ignore this post unless you’re fascinated with heirloom tomatoes. I’m trying to get word out to the wonderful people that have bought tomatoes from Marcus and me for the last 7 years.

Knox Vegas “Farm” will not be selling our heirloom tomato, eggplant and pepper plants this year at the Market Square Farmers Market. This would have been our 8th year selling. I’m quite heartbroken. I love being a part of the community of vendors. I adore talking to people about gardening and helping beginning gardeners succeed with their first attempts.

As I’ve stated before – heirloom tomatoes are my drug of choice, and it’s my mission in life to get as many people as I can addicted to them. Marcus and I are really going to miss being a part of all that this year. However, I’m dealing with some health issues, and it’s too much for Marcus to do this all by himself. We don’t really have a choice other than to skip this year.

I figure the only people who check my blog will be our hardcore customers. You all are awesome, and I hope to get to talk to you when we visit the Market Square Farmer’s Market every week this year.

I will be glad to grow a few plants for my friends & regular customers, as long as I have the seeds for the variety you want, or you’re willing to order those seeds. My cut-off limit for this is 100 plants – I won’t be able to deal with higher numbers of plants. Make sure to talk to me before you buy seeds. There are a lot of seed companies that don’t have very viable seed, or their seeds don’t grow true to type. I can also combine seed orders to save you money on shipping.

Those of you who have bought from us understand that I always try a few new varieties each year. I haven’t narrowed which varieties down yet, but if you want to give any of these new varieties a shot, let me know. And if you’d rather I just pick out some for you to try, I’m glad to do that too. Just let me know if you have any specific things you want, like size, color, shape or use for the tomatoes.

Those of you who live locally, can you share this post either on Facebook or email to friends that have been customers in the past? It looks like it’s going to be an early spring this year, and I’m worried people will wait to buy plants from us and won’t buy tomato seedlings from another source.

As always, if you have questions about varieties (or just gardening in general), please email me at the address on my ‘About‘ page or reply to this post, and I’ll be glad to help. Remember that a lot of heirloom varieties sold at various garden centers near us do not do well here. I’d be glad to give you my opinion on any variety you might find. And as I tell you every year: no matter what Martha Stewart says, don’t buy Brandywine! It produces very poorly in our region.

Heirloom TomatoesI’m going to miss you all so much this year!

Ya’ll come by & buy some of my large tomatoes, ya hear?

This year will be the seventh year that Marcus and I will once again transform from the mild mannered, professional nerds that most of you know us as, into the crazy and obsessed tomato people. Seriously, I had two people find our booth last year by asking for the “Crazy Tomato Lady”. It made my day. Knox Vegas Farms (which consists of our sleeping porch, covered front porch and our back & front quarter acre) will be selling our heirloom tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings at the this coming spring season on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. We will start selling on May 5th which is opening day and will continue to sell at all the Saturday markets until we run out of plants. This usually means we’ll be there for 3-4 weeks.

We’ll have 58 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes! Each year I tell my husband I’m cutting back on the varieties we’re growing and each year he rolls his eyes at me. We also will have over 20 varieties of peppers and 7 different kinds of eggplants. So many of the heirlooms you can buy at garden centers are wonderful heirlooms but only do well in places like Pennsylvania or New York. All of these varieties are chosen because they do well in our area and can handle the heat & humidity. We also offer so many different kinds you can’t ever find in any store around here. We have several types that will grow well in pots for those of you urban gardening and we have every size, shape and color you could imagine. Did you know that you can grow a green-while-ripe cherry tomato? And that black tomatoes are amazing and we have several kinds for you to try? And that you can grow a white tomato that will knock your socks off? And that not only do we offer bi-colored tomatoes, we have one that is several different colors and is about the prettiest (and tastiest) thing you’ve ever seen sliced on a plate? And that the traditional Brandywine that is touted in magazines and local garden centers is not the best kind to grow in this area, nor is it the best tasting? Heirloom tomatoes are my passion so if you’ve ever had trouble growing them before, you’re a beginner gardener or you want a tomato none of your friends or neighbors have seen before, please come see us!

Dolly will be selling with us this year! Or at least her namesake tomato variety. The “assets” of this tomato include large, red juicy fruit with excellent production. Other new tomatoes include two amazing black varieties, Black From Tula and Black Prince (these black varieties do so well in our region), German Giant (a very large deep-pink tomato that rivals Brandywine for taste but matures earlier), Caspian Pink (a wonderful pink Russian variety) and Virginia Sweets, a beautiful sweet red & yellow tomato. We’re also offering five new peppers this year including the infamous Ghost Pepper (the hottest pepper in the world) and Trinidad Perfume which has all the amazing flavor of the habanero but without the intense heat.

Our plants are not coddled so they’re ready to go into your garden. And while we’re not certified organic (too expensive for a backyard operation) we use only organic fertilizers on our plants.

Because of the crazy warm weather we’re having, I thought people would have already bought a lot of their plants so I did cut back on the number of plants we’re selling this year. We still have over 900 plants but if there is a variety that you can’t live without, please get there early to make sure you can get it!

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