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The weather seasons of the Galápagos Islands are set and defined entirely by the arrival or departure of the currents that surround them.

The Hot Season starts in December and gradually works its way until May. Here, conditions are really tropical, as the waters from the Panamá Current bathe the islands. Seas are generally calm, and occasional tropical showers are expected to take place, turning the islands green and lush. Temperatures are hot and humid, and range anywhere from 26ºC-30ºC (79ºF-85ºF), while the water temperature averages 26ºC (79ºF). Underwater visibility is generally very good, around 20-25 meters (60-80 feet). This is the time when swimmers and snorkelers will experience a true tropical environment. Days are sunny and warm, and due to these conditions, our planned activities are scheduled and arranged in such way to avoid walking during the hottest hours of the day, when wildlife is not so active.

From June to November, a desert spreads gradually across this tropical paradise. As the southeast trade winds push the cooler water, evaporation decreases and this forms a thin layer of clouds that throughout the day opens and closes. This is known as the Dry Season, and it is here when the seas will show more wave action due to the strong prevailing winds. The fact that there is hardly any rain, has given the islands the category of driest place in the tropics. Sea temperatures drop to 20ºC-23ºC (70ºF-72ºF), cooling the air temperatures to 23ºC-26ºC (72ºF-79ºF). Due to the strong winds, a wind-chill factor should be considered for late afternoon walks or on deck navigation time. Even though most swimming will take place at midday hours, we advise snorkelers use a wet suit during this season.

Regarding Galápagos weather, one thing is for sure: there is no bad weather ever. Our advice to many of our guests who plan to return to the islands is to do so at a different time of the year than your first voyage. Then you will see the islands from another perspective that will bring many more enchanting surprises.

G Adventures - Galapagos Islands
G Adventures - Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands: Blue Footed Booby
Galapagos Islands: Blue Footed Booby
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