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Tours to Galapagos from Quito

Quito is an ideal place to start your trips around Ecuador. Ecuador is a country with many different contrasts. Ecuador is located on the equatorial line and crossed by the Andes Mountain range, offering visitors beautiful landscapes, stretching from sun bathed beaches by the Pacific Ocean to the wildest tropical forest in the Amazon. To visit Ecuador is to enter a world of wonders and adventures. The opportunities to enjoy a beautiful trip are infinite.

There are unique opportunities to enjoy great adventures of mountain biking, mountain climbing, rafting or exploring the Amazon forest, the wonderful Galapagos Islands, the beaches of the Pacific Ocean and tours through the highlands.

Contact with nature is a common denominator through Ecuador. It's a unique experience to live an adventure of a lifetime, that is the luck that few places in the world can offer and nature in its true splendor. That is the ingredient of true eco-tourism.

Eco-tourism is to be in contact with wildlife. Ecuador offers the world a place where adventure is meshed with the magnificence of nature. The immense biodiversity of the country has thousands of unique species of flora and fauna.

Tourism in Ecuador has developed a lot during the past years. In spite of being a country that isn't well known, every year, more travelers return and confirm the beauty of Ecuador.

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Quito, the capital of the country, is a city that represents the beauty of Ecuador. Quito is the ideal point to begin your adventure. From here, the doors to emotion are opened and it is inevitable to admire the treasures that are hidden around each corner. Once in Quito, different travel agencies promote different destinations.

Quito is located at a place. Towered by great mountains and volcanoes, from here it is possible to choose from four different destinations, one more extraordinary than the other. The Highlands, the Coast, the Amazon and the Galapagos islands which are easily accessible from the capital. It all depends on the direction you wish to take.

The highlands consist of the Andes mountain range which presents opportunities to visit different elevations. The snow-covered peaks, glaciers and lagoons are famous worldwide. Paramos (Andean tundra) and towns, established centuries ago, conform beautiful landscapes in such an inhospitable territory where exciting activities can be practiced.

Mountain climbing and trekking through the highlands is a good adventure. Mountain climbing and trekking demand respect and admiration, but you will be enchanted by the silence and the desire to conquer these lands.

Rafting and kayaking can be done in the mighty rivers of the Amazon and on the Eastern and Western flanks of the Andes. The ecological wealth of these extreme sports in Ecuadorian territories makes rafting and kayaking famous worldwide.

To the west, visitors can bathe in the beaches of the Pacific. Following the Route of the Sun, enjoy the beaches of Atacames, Salinas, Bahía de Caráquez, Ballenita, Portovelo, Manta, Tonsupa, La Libertad amongst others, that offer wonders and delicious seafood and can be bought in outdoor markets and thousand of restaurants located on the beaches.

From Quito, in four hours (the nearest beaches of Esmeraldas) you reach the beach that have a beautiful climate almost all year round. It is advisable to inquire in a travel agency as to the best months to travel to the coast.

The Ecuadorian Amazon occupies almost half of the country (120, 000 km2) and is the region with the greatest biodiversity in the world. The main tourist area is the Napo River; this river has 130 islands covered by young forests and is a great refuge and nesting area for an extensive variety of birds.

Baños, a well-known city with beautiful landscapes and thermal springs. With three hour drive from Quito you get there and it is a wonderful place where thousand of tourists and backpackers fall in love with this place.

The Galapagos Islands, or " Enchanted Islands " are approximately 960 km off from continental Ecuador. This destination is the most visited by tourists who come to Ecuador; this world famous group of islands is home to an endless number of unique species and biodiversity like no other on Earth.

The "enchanted islands" can be reached by flying on TAME or Aerogal or by sea on a luxury cruise. Almost all the travel agencies in...

FLO TOURS - Quito Ecuador Tour
FLO TOURS - Quito Ecuador Tour
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Ecuador Tours
Ecuador Tours
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