Exploring Ecuador & Galapagos

Exploring Ecuador

MichaelaOriginally from Santa Cruz, California, Michaela Hiltz is a 21 year old photographer with a zest for the craft. After taking a film photography class at her university, she fell in love with the process of taking and developing pictures.

Today she tells the story of her Ecuadorian adventure – a 3-week school trip with about twenty other students and two faculty. And to top it all off, she took all these photos with her iPhone 5s!

I had the opportunity to explore parts of South America with some of my classmates this past May, and the experience was absolutely life changing. From snorkeling in the pristine waters of the Galapagos Islands, to mountain biking at insane elevations in the Andes, to canoeing through the grossly humid Amazon River, we got to see so many parts of just one country. I would often forget we were in the same place since it seemed strange to me all this diversity could exist mere plane rides away from each other.

“Look at us guys, we’re all complaining about going to sit on a beach right now. What is our life?” — Jacob on hearing our gripes of not wanting to get off the boat to go to a beach with millions of sea lions

“There’s something about seeing a place with the road in front of you that makes you appreciate it that much more. Some of Ecuador can only be experienced by bike, with the wind at your back, road underneath you, & nothing but a metal frame keeping you going. Patchwork hills, wild cows, & mountains whizzing by.” — written after successfully biking over 70 miles through the Andes

“I know this trip will be unlike anything I’ve experienced. I am fully ready to give myself to South America & all it has to offer. I want this place to stretch my understanding of how I see the world & what culture means to me.” — written on our first night in Quito

And it did.

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Exploring Isla de la Plata, Ecuador
Exploring Isla de la Plata, Ecuador
Video Tour: Exploring Quito, Ecuador
Video Tour: Exploring Quito, Ecuador
Exploring The Ecuadorian Amazon.mov
Exploring The Ecuadorian Amazon.mov
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