Ecuador and Galapagos Islands

Trip to Ecuador and Galapagos Islands

A comprehensive, gorgeous and exhaustively researched field guide to the birds of Ecuador (and adjacent countries), featuring 96 color plates. It's also the best bird guide for travelers in the Peruvian Amazon.

James L. Castner

Spectacular, weird and commonly encountered bugs, butterflies, katydids, leafhoppers, ants, bees, spiders and other insects of the Amazon basin. Geared for the traveler, with 200 color photographs.

David Pearson & Les Beletsky

An excellent guide to Ecuador's wildlife, featuring concise descriptions and color illustrations of 500 frequently encountered reptiles and amphibians, birds, mammals and insects. The Galapagos Islands get a separate chapter and section of illustrations.

L.H. Emmons

Compact enough to slip into your daypack, this field guide to the mammals of Central and South American features 29 color plates of more than 200 species.

Borch Maps

A laminated map of Ecuador at a scale of 1:1, 000, 000, with detailed insets of Quito, Guayaquil, Galapagos and the Ecuadorian Amazon on the reverse.


A full-color map of Quito and surroundings for the traveler, at a scale of 1:12, 500.

Insight Guides

Presenting the natural history, politics, culture, wildlife and attractions of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with style and authority.

Lonely Planet

An excellent practical guide to Ecuador and Galapagos for independent travelers.

Lonely Planet Publications

A handy Spanish phrasebook, with a short two-way dictionary.

Ben Westwood

A slim, authoritative guide to Quito and the Ecuadorian Andes. What Moon guides lack in flash, they more than make up for in personable, clear writing, expert recommendations and advice. The text is interspersed with color photographs and maps.

Rob Rachowiecki

This practical guide draws on the Viva online community for its in-depth recommendations.

Russell Maddicks

A concise and practical guide to local customs, etiquette and culture with a short overview of the land and people along with practical travel advice.

Harry Ades & Melissa Graham

A compact comprehensive guide to travel in Ecuador, including Quito, the Oriente and Galapagos with extensive listings, dozens of sketch maps, and a brief overview of culture, nature and history.

Robert B. Haas

This collection of stunning, oversized photographs, taken from above, shows the jungles and favellas, the reefs and ruins, wildlife and diverse landscapes of Latin America.

Maurice Krafft

By the great French volcanologist (who died on the job on Mount Unzen in Japan in 1992), this pocket guide features hundreds of full-color paintings and traces the study of volcanoes from early myth and legend to modern science.

Adrian Forsyth & Ken Miyata

Two uncommonly observant and thoughtful field biologists offer a lucid portrait of the tropics through 17 marvelous essays that introduce the habitats, ecology, plants and animals of the Central and South American rainforests.

John Kricher & Mark Plotkin

From plants and animals to birds and bugs, it's all here in this wonderfully written overview of the ecology, habitats, plants and animals of Central and South America.

Michael Goulding, Ronaldo Barthem, & Efrem Ferreira

This beautiful, profusely illustrated atlas of the river includes its major tributaries and 150 full-color maps. Goulding (Floods of Fortune) and Brazilian biologists Barthem and Ferreira provide the accompanying text.

Dan Koeppel

Koeppel traces the history, natural and otherwise, politics and precarious current status of modern monoculture, touching down in India (world center of banana diversity), Ecuador (world's largest producer) and Central America.

Carlos De La Torre & Steve Striffler

A portrait of a nation. This lively sourcebook gathers selections from long out-of-print travel accounts, articles, interviews, poems, literary excerpts (and even a recipe) to document the vitality and diversity of modern Ecuador.

John Hemming

Hemming captures the ambition, greed and awe of naturalists, explorers and missionaries - and their devastating impact on native peoples - in this absorbing human history.

Michael Reid

Economist editor Reid draws on his years in the cities, presidential palaces and shantytowns of Central and South America in this portrait of a region rich in oil, farmland and culture, with consideration on its prospects in the face of globalization.

Wilma Roos & Omer van Renterghem

This slim guide provides a lively overview of Ecuador's history, cultural heritage and political, environmental and economic challenges.

Galapagos Island Ecuador Amazing
Galapagos Island Ecuador Amazing
Galapagos Islands 2014
Galapagos Islands 2014
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