Galapagos Islands Travel Packages

Are you thinking of a vacation to Ecuador and the Galapagos? Look no further, Virgin Vacations has all the information you could need to plan an affordable, all-inclusive vacation. We'll help you plan what to see and do, including escorted tours, must-see sites and reserve the best hotels.

Ecuador may be the second smallest country in South America, but there's a lot to do. From the Andes to the rainforest, from to the Pacific Ocean to the indigenous villages, there is plenty to keep you busy on whichever Ecuador vacation you choose. Whether you're on your own or interested in group travel, Virgin Vacations will help find you all-inclusive, escorted or independent vacation deals.

Discover Quito, Banos and Guyaquil on Your Ecuador Vacation - And Don't Forget the Adventure

Ecuador's colonial architecture makes its Old City, Quito, a must-see stop on your Ecuador vacation. The cobblestone roads, beautiful architecture, and picturesque mountains in the background make Quito one of the most unique cities in the world. The quaint plazas and narrow, vendor-lined streets make for a perfect day in the city center. While there, make sure to visit the Monastery of San Francisco, the oldest church in all of Ecuador. Another must-see city is Banos. Its name says it all - Baths. In the city of Banos you will find natural baths from the thermal springs of the nearby volcano, Volcan Tungurahua, and a fabulous nightlife. Although Banos and Quito are two of Ecuador's must-sees, no Ecuador vacation is complete without some adventure.

As part of an all-inclusive Virgin vacation, you'll have access to all the things to see in Ecuador. Take a trip deep into the jungle to explore the Amazon Rainforest. Mountain bike on Ecuador's rugged trails. Take an exciting white water rafting trip down the Quijos River. Or visit the center of the world, Mitad del Mundo. The 30-foot monument features a small museum and marks the center of the world, or close to it.

The city of Guyaquil is often overlooked as a stopping point before heading to the Galapagos, but as Ecuador's largest city there is much to see and do here as well. For a spectacular view of the city – and a great workout – climb the 465 steps of Santa Ana Hill. Along the entire length of the steps are cafes, bars and restaurants that make for great resting stops. The Jardin Botanical Gardens is another of Guyaquil's must-see sites, and home to over 325 species of flora.

Cruise to the Galapagos as Part of Your Vacation Package

For the ultimate adventure, you can travel to the Galapagos Islands, an ecological and wildlife wonderland that is on every traveler's "bucket list". This archipelago of volcanic islands situated along the equator provides a great view of some of nature's rarest species.

Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, where hundreds of scientists and volunteers conduct research and conservation efforts like the breeding of Giant Tortoises. For those looking to soak up some rays, the Galapagos Islands are the perfect destination for year-round fun in the sun. A stop will be made to view Los Gemelos (Spanish for "The Twins"), great depressions of sunken lava formed thousands of years ago. You can also spot sharks and manta rays from the shoreline of mangrove-fringed Tortuga Bay.

Consider booking a Virgin Vacations' all-inclusive Ecuador and Galapagos vacation. All escorted tours feature an English-speaking tour guide to ensure that your trip is an unforgettable one. Enjoy the rich culture of the indigenous people, explore the Galapagos Islands and trek through the Andes Mountains. You will be amazed by what these vacation packages have to offer, and at a value that can't be beat!

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