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Galapagos Islands reviews

Once in a lifetime experience

Once again, EF tours does not disappoint. Charting the Galapagos was amazing. My students had such a wonderful experience meeting the people of Ecuador and the students from the group traveling with us. Our guide was outstanding and set up special dinners and surprises for us. The local guides from the Galapagos were great as well. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone.

Nazoteacher / Group leader

Don't Miss Out

This is a bucket-list item! MUST GO. My students and I LOVED the time on the Galapagos and the time in Riobamba. The extension is a definite. Most students loved the snorkeling on the islands the most...until we went to Riobamba and worked with the indigenous people and that became our favorite experience! The only downside is because the locales are not near each other, there is a lot of travel time between locations, but that's not so bad. The food was often subpar compared to other trips - like spaghetti or cheese sandwiches - I feel students paid enough that they should've gotten "real" food. But overall, even given these considerations, this trip is phenomenal! Our tour director and guide on the Galapagos were amazing.

We came within inches of sea lions and sea turtles while snorkeling in the lagoon, watched blue-footed boobies fish together, and shared experiences with each other that brought us as a group closer together. We harvested potatoes and picked fava beans with the local community in Palacio Real, hiked the first "level" of multiple volcanoes, and shopped the local handicraft and leather markets in Otavalo and Cotacachi. Words and pictures don't do the experience justice!

AGP5 / Group leader

Lifetime of Memories

My 14 year old son had the opportunity to go on the Galapagos Island trip. He had an amazing time. When he got home he couldn't stop talking about seeing the wildlife on the islands and snorkeling. My son said that he really enjoyed the guide who stay with his group throughout the trip. When the groups' return flight got cancelled due to a hurricane moving up the coast, EF tours covered the extra night of the hotel and meals. My son put a lot of effort in raising money for the trip by doing extra chores and fundraising. It was well worth all the effort and money.

/ Student traveler

Felling the world

This trip was an absolutely amazing experience. First I went to Ecuador in Quito and saw all the city had offer. It was beautiful and historical significance of the place was very interesting. Then I traveled to the Galapagos, and it was a natural Wonderland. you get right up the animals not so many amazing pictures! It was my favorite part of the trip. Seeing the natural world in the Galapagos change me as a person. I think the natural beauty of the Galapagos is something that should be shared with lots of people. And I would recommend this tour to all my friends.. I want to stay involved with the conservation programs there. After the Galapagos we were turned Ecuadoran get a cultural immersion. It was an amazing experience and I met so many people and learned all about their way of life. The connection to sustainability in the way they live was truly inspiring. This is a trip I will never forget!

/ Student traveler

Ecuador and Galapagos trip 2014

My students and I were introduced to new peoples, cultures and places that we could never have imagined. From the exotic marine life to the humble rural citizens, this Ecuador and Galapagos trip is a combination of so many experiences! I highly recommend the trip with the extension.

Senorizzle / Group leader

Bucket list

This trip should be on the must-do list for every naturalist and science teacher. Walking in Darwin's footsteps; next to Tortoises, around Marine Iguanas, next to Frigate Birds, and OVER Sea Lions is as humbling as it is inspiring. There's a lot of scary stuff happening to Earth these days, seeing these animals in their natural habitat utterly oblivious to humans is a wonderful reminder of what we must accomplish as stewards of this amazing planet.
I can't recommend strongly enough staying on the islands, getting to know the people and supporting the local economy. Truly a trip of a lifetime.

Woodchuck / Adult traveler


this tour was abosoulutey fantastic. I loved every second of it. the change of food and the introduction was absolutely life changing. you should know how to speak common phrases in Spanish for this as the native speakers will interact with you. the boat ride between the islands was 2 hours on a relatively small boat will lead to sea sickness if you did not take Dramamine. I made the mistake of not taking Dramamine the first day and did get sick but when I took it the second day I did not feel sick at all. this trip is definitely a once in a life time trip and I would not want anyone to miss this opportunity.

MNDGALL / Student traveler

Trip of a life time

After teaching about the Galapagos Islands for 27 years. I finally got to see the place in person. It was more than I expected. We walked with giant tortoises, observed the marine iguanas as they bathed in the sun, we swam with sea lions and snorkeled with sea turtles. Amazing. Our tour guides were great instructors and I learned so much more about the islands. They were funny, passionate and responsible. Our tour director was so proud of her country and the people of her country. She spoke to us from her heart and our students loved her. She was flexible and was not afraid to say no if needed. We had one unbelievable experience after another. I will never forget this trip and I am thankful to all the tour leaders for this opportunity. Thank you!!!

Deb2 / Adult traveler

Neat, but not the best

Loved experiencing the Galapagos and Ecuador, but it's a shame that only 9 out of the 24 people in our group got to go scuba diving due to rough seas.
A different EF Tour group got pickpocketed when going on the city tour of Quito. Whether it was our tour guide's own smart thinking or EF only relayed to us that it'd not be a good idea due to large crowds because of the Pope, I'm glad we switched it with our last day's itinerary of going shopping.
A 3 hour boat ride back and forth just to go scuba diving is a bit extreme; more than half of the group got sea sick, and we turned back less than halfway. The other EF tour group also turned back. I wish there was more planned flexibility, as in if the seas are unusually rough one day, you could swap itineraries or another day; although these things usually can't be changed once planned.
I was able to see a lot of fascinating things, and other than tips, I didn't have to pay too much out of pocket.

Blop / Student traveler


Not the ecological ADVENTURE that I expected. We did no hiking, little walking, limited swimming... I bought glove and hiking boots to cover the tumultuous terrain expected and there was none. I bought a Steri-Pen to be able to drink the water, and there convenient stores ever-present that I NEVER drank any water that was unbottled. I got all my necessary shots to avoid disease and I never felt in danger of getting even a head cold. I purchased expensive sea sick patches because the seas were supposed to be "worse than the worst rollercoaster" and they were smooth. I would have loved to have done MORE. Seen MORE. Lived MORE. But it seems all we did was ride in busses and boats for an average of 4-5 hours hours daily. The land was beautiful. The tour guide was knowledgeable. The culture was loveable. But the tour is NOT what EF described it to be.

Source: www.eftours.com
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