Galapagos islands airport an

Galapagos Islands airport

In this section you will find traveller airport reviews as well as our San Cristobal (Galapagos Islands) Airport Guide with info on WiFi, lounges, facilities and services.and yes, even the names of some airport hotels in case you decide that sleeping in the airport is not for you!

The sea lions leave you alone for the most part if you were there first.
- a traveller

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by a traveller
December 2005 - I had the opportunity to study in the Galapagos for several months and flew in and out of this airport. Everyone at the airport is easygoing and friendly- the stereotypical islander mentality. There are only 2-3 flights in and out everyday so it is hard to miss your flight. If you must stay overnight, accomodations are inexpensive and you can always sleep on the beach (frowned upon, just stay out of sight)The sea lions leave you alone for the most part if you were there first. From the airport to the furthest point through town is a 20 min walk max, so there are plenty of options if you don't want to sleep in the totally empty airport overnight...

In this guide we may refer to locations as "landside" and "airside". Landside is the public area of the terminal located in the non-secure zone, before security. Airside is the secure area of the terminal that you must reach by going through security.

Information not available

At the time of this update WiFi is not available at ​ San Cristobal ​Airport.

There are no hotels at the airport. The small town is very close so all of the hotels could be considered near the airport. Here are a few hotel options:

To find a cheap room, there is a list of hotels in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on Tripadvisor that can be sorted by price.

  • ATMs / Cash Machines - Information not available
  • Car Rentals - Information not available
  • Currency Exchange - Information not available
  • Food & Drinks - Information not available
  • Information Desk - Information not available
  • Luggage Storage & Lockers - Information not available
  • Showers - Information not available

The airport is open from 10:00 AM until the last flight. Sleeping in the airport overnight is not possible.

The information in this Airport Guide is based on information collected and/or received from the airport's and their web sites. The information above is subject to change without notice. Use it for informational purposes only to help you during your stay. To report errors, or to add/change any items quoted in the guide, email me.

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