Ecuadorian passport

Ecuadorian passport

According to Article Six of the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, all persons born in Ecuadorian territory are automatically considered Ecuadorian citizens at birth (An exception is made for children born to U.S. diplomat(s) parent(s) in Ecuador on a diplomatic mission). Therefore, children born in Ecuador to American citizen parent(s) who are able to transmit American citizenship will be dual-nationals (American and Ecuadorian) at birth.

The first time an Ecuadorian citizen child departs Ecuador, he/she must depart as a dual national by presenting a valid Ecuadorian passport. Ecuadorian Immigration will not allow children born in Ecuador to depart solely on their U.S. passport. Therefore, all children born in Ecuador must register with the Ecuadorian Civil Registry and obtain a valid Ecuadorian passport.

Below is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that American citizens should follow in order to register their child as an Ecuadorian citizen, obtain a national ID card, obtain an Ecuadorian passport, and depart Ecuador for the first time.

  1. The Child Must Obtain an Ecuadorian Birth Certificate
    In order to obtain an Ecuadorian Birth Certificate, the parent(s) of the child must go to any Civil Registry and present the following documents:

    1.1 The document issued by the hospital that states where and when the child was born. This is generally referred to as the ‘Informe Estadistico de Nacido Vivo’. It is normally signed by the doctor who assisted in the delivery and issued by the hospital.

    1.2 Original passports and/or other identification that serves as proof of the identity of the parents. Both parents must be present at the Civil Registry if they are to be included on the birth certificate.
    The Civil Registry will issue a birth certificate and record the child as a citizen of Ecuador. For Civil Registry hours and locations, please visit the Civil Registry website.

  2. The Child Must Obtain a National Identification Card (“Cedula”)

    Once the Ecuadorian birth certificate is obtained, the parent(s) must request on behalf of the minor a National Identification Card (“Cedula”) from the Civil Registry. The Civil Registry requires the following documents to issue a Cedula:

    2.1 Original Ecuadorian Birth Certificate issued by the Civil Registry

    2.2 Three carnet-sized photographs (“tamaño carné”)

    The Civil Registry can issue the birth certificate and cedula on the same visit.

  3. The Child Must Obtain an Ecuadorian Passport
    To obtain an Ecuadorian passport, the child along with both parents must go to the Dirección General de Documentos de Viaje (a branch of the Ecuadorian Department of Foreign Affairs), which in Quito is located at Reina Victoria and Roca, first floor; phone number 254 7011. Walk-in hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

In order to obtain an Ecuadorian passport, the Dirección General de Documentos de Viaje requires the following:

  • Parent(s) listed on birth certificate must be present. If one parent cannot be present, a special power of attorney must be provided that gives the accompanying parent authorization to request a passport without the presence of the other parent. Please see below on requirements to obtain a Power of Attorney.
  • Cedula – the original and a color copy
  • Ecuadorian birth certificate – original and color copy
  • Fee: $ 70.00 (cash only)
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