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Ecuador to Galapagos Islands

Santa Fé island (Barrington)
Find an endemic species of land iguana and a forest of impressively tall opuntia cacti ‘trees’. The Galapagos mockingbird, magnificent frigatebird, brown pelican and several species of Darwin’s Finches are also commonly sighted.
Española (Hood)
Prepare for a mighty array of stunning wildlife: Marine Iguanas with copper red patches, sea lions, lava lizards and lots of bird life including finches, boobies and gulls. This is also the only island where Waved Albatross can be seen during breeding season (Apr-Dec).
Floreana Island (Charles)
Site of the famous ‘post office barrel’, which was placed there by whalers in the 18th century and is still in use today. Visit Pt. Cormorant, which has a jade green volcanic beach, a lagoon and occasional shore birds and flamingos. Snorkel at Devil’s Crown, a submerged volcanic cone.
Santa Cruz Island (Indefatigable)
The economic centre of the Galapagos and the most populated island of the archipelago. The Charles Darwin Research Station is a 10 minute walk from Puerto Ayora. Visit the adult and baby Galapagos Tortoises, which are raised at the station. Check out Turtle Bay Beach, a 45 minute walk from Puerto Ayora along a lovely trail. The pristine white sand beach is absolutely stunning!
Rabida Island (Jervis)
This small island’s volcanic rock is covered by Opuntia Cacti, Palo Santo trees and low scrubby bushes. Sea lions abound on the picturesque dark red beach behind which is a flamingo lagoon. The shoreline serves as a resting site for several species of seabirds.
Bartolome Island (Bartholomew)
This small island perfectly depicts the geological history of the Galapagos. Impressive volcanic scenery can be viewed from the top of Bartolomé (114m), where you will see lava formations, volcanic peaks and moon-like landscapes.
North Seymour Island
Perhaps the best island for photographers. Bird life is abundant and exceptionally close to the trail. The largest colony of magnificent...
Explore Ecuador and Galapagos Islands, All You Need
Explore Ecuador and Galapagos Islands, All You Need
Ecuador - Galapagos Islands (3)
Ecuador - Galapagos Islands (3)
2013 Ecuador and Galapagos Islands Photo Workshop
2013 Ecuador and Galapagos Islands Photo Workshop
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