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Ecotourism in Galapagos Islands

Our love for the nature of the wonderful Galapagos ecosystem inspired us to offer Galapagos eco-tourism over two decades ago to share and preserve the beauty of this part of the world. Today’s travelers expect tour companies to protect the country, indigenous communities and the Galapagos ecosystem where they operate. At Quasar Expeditions we take this exceptional opportunity to support development and integration of local communities into our changing world, without losing the unique identity in the process. We are confident that our Galapagos eco-tourism efforts will be appreciated by future generations of responsible travelers.

- The fragile Galapagos ecosystem is susceptible to even the smallest changes. Quasar Expeditions’ Galapagos eco-tourism supports a waste-management effort to protect the Islands.
- Aboard our Galapagos eco-tourism operations, glass is recycled and used to make building blocks and other building materials.
- Plastic waste, burnt oils and other non bio-degradable waste from Galapagos eco-tourism is shipped out of the Galapagos ecosystem and back to the continent to be disposed of properly.

Destinos In Galapagos Islands
Destinos In Galapagos Islands
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Birds making out in Galapagos Islands
Birds making out in Galapagos Islands
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