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by ekidhardt

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I'm your standard white guy-one couldn't look more American than me.

I lived in Quito for a year as a student, and I've seen everything. I traveled everywhere. I'm super vigilant, take great caution, and I made every attempt to not look like a guy you'd want to mess with.

Still, I was almost robbed a variety of times.

My friends however-wholy lord. Every week was a new story. I saw people getting mugged all the time. If you are in the Mariscal district, which is a really nice little area-outdoorsy with great places to eat-and you step outside even slightly, the zone where people heavily travel: you WILL be mugged. I'm talking 100% chance.

The guys with their trenchcoats will literally sit at the edge of the zone and wait for someone-you can look into those areas and you'll see them waiting for you. The public parks? Lord-don't ever go there near sunset. You, again, can see them hiding behind trees.

I took several hundred taxis over my time: (probably 500?) I never had a problem. Not to say you won't. I made sure I talked to each one, that I was friendly and conversational. If you get a ghetto taxi-it's your butt on the line.

Here's the thing: if you look REMOTELY vulnerable., you will be prey. If you are female, if you are old, and if you are alone. Stay very very alert to people following you.

One of my secrets-and I was followed a dozen times by shady people, is to walk really fast. Seriously-you're not going to get mugged by someone who can't keep up with you. It's true!

The daytime is safe almost everywhere. The night time is not, anywhere.

I traveled all over Ecuador-the most dangerous part by far, was Quito. All the thugs from the south come up to the north to rob people.

The good news-is that you will rarely be injured, stabbed, or shot. That was almost unheard of-in fact, I never once heard about someone getting stabbed. Several people got beat up, others threatened with guns (very few)-but TONS were stuck up at knife-point and told to provide their money. And then they run away.

The good news-they're not crack heads. They're just poor. They want your stuff, and then you're on your way.

The dean of the college I went to said "this year, 75% of you will be held up". Nice arrival message right? hah-well, it was true.

If you're a guy, and you're not a wussy guy-and if you don't know what I mean by that, then you're prolly a wussy guy, -then you won't have issues provided you stay alert.

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