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Although the Galapagos Islands are a beautiful once -in- a -lifetime experience no matter which boat you are on, remember that you'll still spend a considerable amount of your holiday on board. Here are the most common considerations when choosing a boat.

Large vs. Small Boats Small Galapagos boats, as well as impressive cruise ships have both advantages and drawbacks. Please check out our Large vs. Small Yachts page to make a choice.

Snorkeling is possible on nearly every boat but SCUBA diving is available on only a limited number of boats. If you don't want to miss the spectacular deep-sea wonders the Galapagos have to offer and have a diving license, please have a look at our diving boats.

Charter a Galapagos Boat If you are group of students, a corporation, a club, on a honeymoon and want a private experience, or any group of people who wants to explore the Galapagos Islands on a chartered boat, click here.

When to go to the Galapagos Islands? Both the availability of space and the weather in the Galapagos may affect when you choose to go to the Islands. Most boats fill up months, or even years ahead of time for July, August, December and early January. Other times of the year availability is greater.


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Galapagos Cruise
Galapagos Cruise
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