La Colonia Restaurant

Ecuadorian Restaurant Minneapolis

La Colonia Restaurant serves up hearty portions of authentic, delicious Ecuadorian and Columbian cuisine with fresh ingredients and great service!

Our family-owned restaurant is known for its quality food and friendly staff. La Colonia's distinctive menu shares true South American food that you're sure to enjoy. Try our Pollo Rosterizado, a delicious rotisserie chicken, or the classic Ceviche de Camaron, an Ecuadorian style shrimp ceviche. But while our dishes may be unique, they include ingredients that you already love - savory beans and rice, juicy steak, fresh avocado, and more! La Colonia prides itself on serving the best products and every ingredient is chosen for its quality, flavor, and freshness. And it's not just the food you'll enjoy at La Colonia - take a beer or glass of wine with dinner while you watch a televised soccer game with friends and family.

Let La Colonia's friendly staff make you feel right at home while you taste the fun, fresh flavors of Ecuador and Columbia!


Established in 2008.

La Colonia Restaurant opened its doors with the goal of bringing true South American cuisine to our Minneapolis neighborhood. Today our family-owned restaurant continues to surprise and delight newcomers and regulars alike! Our family looks forward to many more years of serving your family with delicious Ecuadorian and Columbian dishes!

Meet the Business Owner

Angel Jara is passionate about sharing the authentic flavors of Ecuador and Columbia with others. He leads a friendly, professional team who are excited to welcome our La Colonia guests and help them feel right at home. Angel prides himself on serving up quality dishes with great care at his family-owned restaurant.

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