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Ecuador Travel Deals

Peak Season:

Peak season for visiting mainland Ecuador is June through September and December through January. However, even in the rainy season, conditions are good and travel is still enjoyable. Quito especially is a year-round destination, though be prepared for temperatures to become chilly due to its altitude during the dry season, June through September.

The Galapagos Islands remain relatively dry even in the wet season, so are a good year-round destination. Official peak season is June through August and again December through January; though this is based more on holiday seasons of travelers arriving from the United States and Europe.

Off Season:
December through April is the rainiest season in the jungle.

While it's great to find cheap flights to Ecuador, it's not advised to travel during the rainy season. The jungle is damp and uncomfortable, and Ecuador is best seen during the peak season when the temperature is warm and dry.

Why you should take a flight to Ecuador

After the flight to Ecuador, most visitors head straight to Quito, one of the oldest cities in both North and South America. Bring an extra suitcase on your Ecuador trip –one of the largest and most colorful open markets in South America is located in Quito, at the top of a volcano. Guayaquil is the country's most populous city. Some travelers who made the trip to Guayaquil say it’s one of the more up-and-coming cities in South America. Hop off your long flight to Ecuador and take a walk along the river boardwalk, also known as the Malecon 2000, and enjoy the galleries, museums, and restaurants. For the adventurous traveler, hop on an Ecuador flight to the jungle and take in one of the most diverse tropical rainforests in the world.

If your Ecuador visit only allows enough time to see the Galapagos Islands, rest assured it’s an experience worth having. Like most tourists, it’s likely that after a visit to the islands additional trips to Ecuador are in the near future.

Ecuador climate

Ecuador has many different little climates. At the coast you’ll deal with heat and humidity all year round. The rainy season lasts from December to May. When you’re in the mountains, you’ll get cooler the higher you get. In the Amazon, the weather is hot, humid and wet, but the Galapagos Islands are dry all year with an average temperature of 77 F.

Ecuador Travel Information

  • Quito is the most visited town in Ecuador. Colonial Quito is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-see spot for any tourist. Start at the Plaza de la Independencia and visit the cathedral and Presidential Palace. In modern Quito, take a walk down Avenida Amazonas for some shopping, people watching or a drink at one of the many cafés.
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